Straightening The Air Conditioner Fins: An Easy Weekend Project


Your air conditioner looked so good when you first had it installed, but time has passed and it's starting to look a little banged up. Most notably, those little fins on the outside of the condenser are getting bent. This is a common problem for many homeowners. Luckily, there's an easy solution. These answers to common questions about air conditioner fins will help you understand why the fins are important and how you can maintain them.

What's the point of the air conditioner fins, anyway?

Your air conditioner condenser's fins serve two purposes:

  • Prevent dirt from entering the condenser. When dirt enters the air conditioner condenser, it can cling to the coils and make your air conditioner's job harder than it needs to be. The fins filter out dirt and keep the inside of the condenser relatively clean.
  • Let heat out of the unit. Your air conditioner works by transferring heat from the inside of your house to the exterior. All that heat needs somewhere to go. The air conditioner fins allow the condenser to blow hot air into the outside world.

What happens if you leave the air conditioner fins in a bent position?

A few bent fins here and there probably won't make a big difference. However, as more fins are pushed into a closed position, it will become increasingly difficult for your air conditioner to release heat. The harder your A/C has to work to blow hot air out of your house, the more inefficient it becomes. Over the course of many years, this can cost you money. It can also cause the early deterioration of your A/C unit.

How can you straighten the fins?

There are multiple ways to straighten the fins on your air conditioner condenser. To begin with, you can use a tool called a fin comb. Fin combs are sold at hardware stores and home improvement centers. Normal combs come with several different sides to accommodate fins of different sizes. To straighten your air conditioner fins, simply find the right size on your air conditioner comb, and run the comb down the back of the A/C unit.

If you have extra time on your hands and don't want to pay the money for an air conditioner comb, you can straighten them manually with a utility knife. Use the knife's blade to lift the edge of each bent fin and push it back into its normal position. This takes time, but works just as well as the fin comb.

For more tips, speak with your heating and air conditioning repair person the next time he or she comes to your home to give your HVAC system a tuneup. An HVAC professional, like those at Air Pro Heating & Air, will be able to tell you how you can avoid bending the fins and may be able to give more helpful suggestions on maintaining your air conditioner.


25 June 2015

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