Pellet Stove Heating Might Be The Answer To Your Heating Problems


There are a huge number of ways that you can heat your home, and some are much more popular than others. Therefore, you have likely become pretty familiar with furnaces and space heaters, but you might not know too much about alternatives, like pellet stoves. Pellet stoves are not objectively better than furnaces in every respect, but they do bring some interesting benefits to the table that might appeal to you. To help you decide whether a pellet stove is a good fit for your home, here is an overview:

What is a pellet stove?

The short version is that a pellet stove is like a fireplace that burns an extremely specific type of fuel, known as wood pellets. These pellets are rather environmentally-friendly, since they are made from recycled materials. These pellets are added into the stove, which slowly uses them up over the course of the day. If you increase the settings and ask for more heat, then the pellets will be used up more quickly. Once the pellets have all been used up, then you will need to refill the stove in order to get more heat.

Although you might be concerned about smoke, that isn't usually a problem with pellet stoves. The fire is entirely contained, which means that it will generate a great deal of heat into your home without also blowing smoke everywhere.

What are the advantages of pellet stoves?

First of all, pellet stoves give you a great deal of versatility and self-sufficiency. With a pellet stove, you just need to buy bulk amounts of pellets every once in a while, which you can store and use whenever you wish. They don't take up that much room, which means that a small portion of your garage can be plenty of room to store your pellets.

This ultimately shields you from disruptions in your heating. With gas and electricity, a problem on your utility company's end could result in hours or days without any heat at all, whereas a pellet stove can allow you to heat your home easily without relying on an external service to provide you with fuel. As long as you remember to buy more pellets every once in a while, you will never have a disruption in heating.

The closest comparable option is firewood, which will end up costing you a lot more than a pellet stove in the long run. Firewood costs more in terms of both money and space, since a piece of firewood will contain less energy than a corresponding volume of wood pellets.


25 February 2016

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