Air Conditioning A Home With Steam Boiler Heating


Many homes have forced air heating, and adding air conditioning to those homes is simple because the central air conditioning can be delivered through the same ductwork used for heating. But what happens when you have boiler-style heating? You don't have ductwork in place for central air, and adding it would involve ripping down walls and doing major renovations. You might think you'll have to settle for window AC units, but this is not the case. A type of AC system known as ductless split AC is a great choice for homes with boiler heating.

What is ductless split AC?

Ductless split air conditioning systems consist of two components. There's a compressor unit, which sits outside your home. There's also an air handling unit, which is mounted on your wall and moves the air that the compressor cools from outside to inside. The two components are connected by tubes that are outside of your home, rather than ducts inside the walls. In most cases, the system will actually contain several air handling units. For instance, a small home may have one upstairs and a second one downstairs. A larger home may have two air handling units on the main floor and two more upstairs. However, they are all connected to the same compressor.

Why is ductless AC a good choice for homes with boiler heating?

No ducts need to be run through the walls. The system is primarily located outside your home, and your HVAC contractor will only need to make one small hole in your home for each air handling unit. The air handling units mounted on the walls are rather unobtrusive, and they can be placed far enough up on the wall that they don't get in the way of furniture and décor. You don't have to remove the air handling units at the end of each season like you would window AC units.

Are there any downfalls to ductless split AC systems?

Ductless split AC systems do cost more than window units. You can expect to pay between $2000 and $5000 to install a system in the average 1,000 square foot home, and a bit more if your home is larger and you need more air handling units. The only other downfall – and this is only a downfall for some homeowners – is that the outdoor compressor units can interfere with the look of your landscape. However, there are ways to creatively landscape with bushes or shrubs around the unit to hide it.

If you have boiler-style heating, speak with Seliga Heating and Cooling or your HVAC contractor to learn more about ductless split AC systems.


12 July 2016

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