Mistakes That Will Cause Premature Wear And Damage To Your Outdoor AC Unit


Your outdoor AC condenser keeps you comfortable in the summer, so it's important to take good care of it. Unfortunately, many homeowners make some little mistakes when it comes to caring for or maintaining their outdoor AC units. These mistakes can lead to breakdowns and malfunctions.

Mistake: Covering your unit with a plain tarp.

It makes sense to protect your AC unit during the winter months and the offseason. However, you need to make sure you're using the right cover. Using a plain tarp is not wise since tarps don't breathe and may trap moisture near your unit, perpetuating rust and corrosion. The only cover you should use on your AC unit is one made specifically for that unit. This cover will be designed with padding in the right areas and ventilation in the right areas to protect your unit appropriately.

Mistake: Planting shrubs or trees too close to your unit.

AC units are not exactly attractive, so many homeowners try to hide them behind shrubs or bushes. Unfortunately, this can cause a lot of problems. The branches and leaves can get stuck in the AC unit, leading to a loss of efficiency and sometimes structural damage. Shrubs and bushes also impede airflow to the unit, which makes your AC unit work harder to suck in air. The harder the unit has to work, the sooner it will require repair or replacement. If you want to hide your AC unit, make sure the shrubs are at least 2 – 3 feet from the unit.

Mistake: Not having the AC unit fastened to the concrete pad.

Most AC units are set on concrete pads. However, placing the unit on a pad is not enough, especially if you live in an area where high winds and thunderstorms occur regularly. A high wind can cause a non-fastened AC unit to tip to the side and become damaged. Take a look at your unit, and if there are no metal straps attaching it to your concrete pad, contact your HVAC technician to have them come install some.

Mistake: Positioning the unit in the sun.

If your AC unit is sitting in bright sunlight, it will have to work a lot harder to keep your home cool. Consider planting a tree or shrub (several feet away from your unit, as described above) to provide some shade and keep the unit cool. You may also wish to just place a chair, table, or other object a few feet from the unit to cast a little shade.

If you avoid the mistakes above, your AC unit should last longer and experience fewer breakdowns. Talk to your local HVAC contractor like CNR Air Conditioning Inc to learn more.


12 July 2016

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