4 HVAC Upgrades That Will Make Your Home Comfortable And More Energy-Efficient


Upgrading your AC is something that you are eventually going to consider as your system becomes old and outdated. Today, there are many options for modern, energy-efficient AC solutions to keep your home temperature comfortable. You may want to consider options for thermal energy for heating your home or compact ducts that save space and energy. Here are some HVAC upgrade options to make your home comfortable and more energy-efficient:

1. High-Velocity Ducts for Efficient HVAC Solutions in Smaller Spaces

The ducts of your AC are important and deliver the heat or cold to the vents. In some homes, there may be space limitations to install conventional ducts. Compact, high-velocity duct systems offer you a solution to this problem. These are systems that use ducts that are about the size of conventional plumbing drain lines and deliver air to areas of your home more efficiently. If you are looking for an HVAC solution for a home renovation or remodeling project with a limited amount of space to work with, consider using a high-velocity HVAC system to add heating and air conditioning to your home. 

2. Modern Ductless AC Solutions

Another option to consider if your home or remodeling project does not allow for the use of conventional ductwork is installing a ductless AC. These are systems that have the air handler mounted on the wall in areas of your home and do not use ducts. For an average-sized home, mini-split, ductless AC gives you options for zoned air-conditioner design.

3. Modern Energy-Efficient AC Heat Pumps for HVAC Upgrades

Energy-efficient heat pumps are one of the newest trends in modern AC designs. These are like conventional condensation units but are more efficient. Heat pumps also provide an energy-efficient solution for heating your home during mild winter weather. In addition, heat pumps can be installed with conventional forced-air systems, as well as ductless AC systems.

4. Geothermal and Solar Solutions for More Efficient HVAC Design

There is also geothermal HVAC, which is a great solution if you want your home to have efficient heating and cooling with a renewable resource. In addition, solar collectors can be combined with geothermal or conventional HVAC designs to improve the efficiency of your heating during the cold winter months.

These are some HVAC upgrade options to make your home more energy-efficient and comfortable. If you are ready to upgrade your old HVAC system, contact an HVAC service, like Thurlow's Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., and talk to them about some of these options. 


25 October 2018

Inspecting Your Air Ducts

Last summer, I began to get extremely hot in my home. My air conditioning system couldn’t adequately keep my home cool anymore. Therefore, I contacted an experienced HVAC contractor. This individual visited my home and thoroughly inspected my unit. If your air conditioner isn’t working like it once did, your air ducts may be clogged up. Thankfully, an expert HVAC contractor can determine if faulty air ducts are the cause of the hot temperatures inside your home. On this blog, you will discover how an HVAC contractor can properly inspect your air ducts. Stay cool and comfortable during the hot summer months!