Six Things To Think About To Find The Right AC System


If you need to have your AC system replaced, make sure you're thinking the project through carefully. An AC system should be expected to last as long as 15 years. This means that you'll have to be living with the system you choose for a long time to come.

The more thought you put into your selection on a new system, the better this system will fit your needs. The following are six things to think about the find the right AC system for your home:  

The efficiency

When you're replacing your AC system, you have a great opportunity to make upgrades on the efficiency of your HVAC system. Any updates you make could save you a lot on your utility bills. 

Pay attention to the SEER ratings of AC units you're considering if you want to upgrade your AC efficiency. Look for a SEER rating of between 15 and 18 for an efficient residential AC model. 

The size

In addition to SEER rating, size is another important determining factor when it comes to efficiency. You need to choose an AC model that is appropriately sized for the square footage of your home. 

AC manufacturers should rate the units they produce for certain square footage measurements of the home they'll be installed in. Discuss your home's square footage with your AC technician. Remember that you'll want a larger unit this time around if you've put any additions on your home since your last AC unit was installed.

The timing

An AC system installation can be a big project. While a necessity, the installation may create a temporary disruption in your home. This means that you'll want to plan the timing of your installation carefully. 

Make sure you schedule your installation for a time when you won't be doing any entertaining or be otherwise disrupted by HVAC technicians in your home.

The costs

AC units range widely in cost. However, you shouldn't automatically buy a unit just because it's inexpensive. Remember that an inefficient unit could quickly end up costing you more than a more expensive unit if it drives up your utility bills. Look for the greatest value rather than the lowest price.

The maintenance needs

It's good to institute a maintenance regime for your new AC unit immediately when it's installed. In fact, your AC service company might be able to arrange a maintenance plan with you so that a technician will automatically come out and perform maintenance when it's needed. 

The warranty

AC unit warranties are important. You need to make sure you have warranty coverage so that you won't have to pay out of pocket if your new AC system malfunctions down the road. Look for a unit with a warranty that lasts at least 10 years

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17 December 2019

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