Tips For Identifying And Fixing Common Furnace Problems


Your home's furnace may seem like a bit of a mystery. That's why it helps to know common problems that you can run into that may require help to fix, or how you can go about repairing them on your own.

Common Furnace Problems

Many furnace problems are due to the thermostat. The thermostat itself could be broken, or there could be an issue where the wires are damaged between the thermostat and the furnace itself. Sometimes it is even as simple as another household member messing with the schedule.

Electric furnaces can have tripped circuit breakers that cause the furnace to no longer get electricity. It could appear as if it is completely dead, which is not getting the power that it needs. Fuses can also be blown and require replacement.

Gas furnaces can have a pilot light that goes out and needs to be relit in order to start the ignition system and get the heat flowing once again. Dirty igniters can also lead to furnaces that fail to ignite right away, causing a build-up of gas that causes a loud boom to come from the furnace. 

Common Troubleshooting Techniques

Always verify the settings on your thermostat to make sure it is set properly. If it uses batteries, put in new batteries to ensure it is getting the power you need. You could be able to activate the furnace by turning the temperature above the current temperature in the room. Consider replacing the thermostat if necessary. 

Take a look at your electrical panel and look for a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. This quick fix could get electricity flowing to your furnace once again so that it can produce the heat you need. 

Fixing a pilot light may be as simple as igniting it with a long BBQ lighter, which will light the flame and allow a gas furnace to start up one again. Sometimes the igniter is dirty and needs to be cleaned so that it has no issues igniting the gas, or is damaged to the point where the entire part needs to be replaced. 

It is normal if you do not feel confident in troubleshooting your furnace on your own. Consider bringing in an HVAC contractor to perform a furnace inspection for you. They'll identify the problem and any damaged parts, handle the part ordering and replacement process for you, and get your heat working again quickly. 

To find out more about heating repair, reach out to an HVAC contractor near you.


24 March 2020

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