These HVAC Problems Can Be Corrected During Your New AC Installation


Are you about to have a new air conditioner installed? This is the perfect opportunity to have an in-depth discussion with your HVAC contractor about various issues you've been having with your current HVAC system. A good number of them can probably be addressed by making a few tweaks during the AC installation process or by installing a specific type of unit. Here are some of the problems worth mentioning.

Poor Airflow to the Upstairs

This problem is common in a lot of older homes. The ductwork was not always built with air conditioning in mind. Since heat rises, fewer vents are needed to heat the upstairs of a home than to cool the upstairs of a home. You may figure this is just something you have to live with in an older home, but that's not necessarily the case. Tell your HVAC contractor about it. They may recommend a larger central fan to better propel the conditioned air into the upstairs of your home. They may even be able to add a few upstairs vents to your home, depending on the layout of your current ductwork.


If your air conditioner turns on and off more than a couple of times per hour, bring this issue to the attention of your installer. There's a chance the issue is just due to damage to your current, older air conditioner and simply installing a new unit will fix it. But short-cycling can also be due to too-high air pressure in the ducts. Your installer can check to see if this is a problem in your case, and it if is, they will need to widen some of your ducts or remove obstructions to ensure your new AC unit does not short-cycle, too.

Inconvenient Condenser Location

If your current AC condenser is in a really inconvenient location outside, let your installer know! They can generally move your AC unit to a new place so you're not always tripping over it while grilling, bumping into it with a lawn mower, or getting your clothesline stuck on it. It may cost a little more to install your new AC in a new location since your HVAC contractor will have to run some new exhaust tubes, but it will be worth the extra convenience.

A new AC installation gives you the perfect opportunity to make some changes. Talk to your HVAC contractor to learn more about your options.


29 May 2020

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