Winter Furnace Maintenance You Should Be Performing


Just because you're in the middle of using your furnace this winter doesn't mean you shouldn't still be doing some maintenance work on it too. Your furnace is going to need maintenance throughout the year, and while you're actually using it is the most important time to be doing this maintenance. If you aren't able to do this maintenance work on your furnace, you should hire a professional to help you do this work for you. Read on for a few maintenance tips to ensure your furnace runs properly throughout these cold-weather months.

Changing The Furnace Filter

The furnace filter is going to need to be changed as it is trapping dust and other fine particles that can end up in your furnace and in your ductwork. All of this dust and debris will end up in the air that you breathe and can make you ill or trigger things such as asthma or allergies. It can also lead to dander spreading throughout your home and dust getting on every surface of your home. Changing the furnace filter also helps your system run smoothly. When this filter clogs, it prevents air from getting to the furnace, which can cause your furnace to shut down. Change the furnace filter every other month.

Keep The Area Surrounding Your Furnace Clear

Your furnace needs room in order to have proper air circulation and airflow around it. If you have things stacked closely to the furnace, it could cause your system to run poorly, or it could be a fire hazard depending on how close your belongings are to the furnace. Keep at least two feet surrounding your furnace clear of all belongings. If your furnace is located in a small closet, it's a furnace closet and nothing else should be in this closet with your furnace.

Vacuum The Air And Return Vents

Go room to room, vacuuming your air and return vents to remove dust and other debris that could be in these vents. When the furnace filter clogs with debris, these air vents can also clog with debris when it gets blown back into the air via the ductwork. Other debris can get into the vents just from day-to-day dirt or dust. While indoors this winter, keep these vents clean by vacuuming them or giving the vents themselves a deep cleaning in a tub of gentle soap and water.

If you aren't performing proper maintenance of your system, it could break down prematurely. Hire a furnace maintenance company to maintain your furnace for you throughout winter and beyond.


19 January 2021

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