Servicing The Condensation System Is An Important Part Of Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance


Your air conditioner must have regular maintenance so it works optimally and so you can prevent breakdowns in the summer. There are many components that need to be serviced by a professional, including the condensation system. Here is why it's important to maintain the condensation system in your AC and how the maintenance is done.

Why This Air Conditioning Maintenance Is Important

Your air conditioner pulls humidity out of the air in your home through condensation. When the air in your home passes over the cold refrigeration coil, water vapor condenses and drips in a collection pan. The pan has a drain attached to it so the water that's collected drains outside automatically.

This process goes on all summer while your AC operates, but if the drain gets clogged, then water can't drain. Water builds in the pan and spills on the floor. Water can even get inside your HVAC system.

Regular maintenance keeps the drain flowing so there is no water damage to your floor or the HVAC system. If your condensation collection pan has a safety float switch, the switch might turn off your AC if the water level gets too high, and then your house will get warm until you figure out the problem.

How The Condensation Parts Are Serviced

When the air conditioning maintenance technician checks the condensation parts, they look for water damage around the HVAC to see if water has been leaking or backing up. The drain can be taken apart and cleaned out to get rid of slime or algae that has built up and caused a clog. If the pan has a leak, the pan can be switched with a new one.

The technician might also check the operation of the safety float switch to make sure it will shut the AC down if the water level in the pan gets too high. If your HVAC doesn't have a switch, the technician might install one if you want it.

Some HVAC systems even have pumps in them to pump collected water out of the pan and into the drain. If yours has one, the technician will check and service it to make sure it operates properly.

This simple type of air conditioning maintenance may not seem important when compared to maintaining the blower and fan motors, but you don't want water damage around your air conditioner. You also don't want your AC to shut down on a hot and humid day due to problems with the condensation drain. Having annual service from a professional is a way to prevent these problems.

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18 February 2021

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