Installing A New HVAC System? 4 Things To Expect During The Project


The decision to replace or install a new HVAC system isn't an overnight thought. The HVAC probably one of the most significant investments that enhance thermal comfort in your home. If this is your first time purchasing the system, you might feel like you are in unfamiliar territory. It is quite normal to feel unsure and skeptical about the entire process.

For this reason, you must understand the very basics of the HVAC installation process. Here's what to expect after you chose an experienced contractor for the project.

1. HVAC Sizing Process

After finding a suitable HVAC contractor, they will request to examine your home to determine the correct size of HVAC. Choosing the right size of your home system is critical to maintaining energy efficiency and unit performance.

The technician will get your home's dimensions and determine how much heat should be driven into your living space. Additional factors such as your doors' and windows' position in relation to the sun's penetration will influence the HVAC sizing procedure.

2. Preparation and Planning

The contractor will help you purchase the right HVAC system after establishing the right size and give you the installation service quote. With a quote in hand, you should agree to schedule the HVAC installation date. The experts will detail you on the installation process. If you have an existing HVAC unit, they might decide to remove it early and inspect the ductwork to see if they are suitable for the new installation.

3. Installation Process

On the agreed date, the HVAC technicians will show up with their tools and equipment. They may also arrive with the HVAC system you purchased. The technicians might deem it fit to modify the ductwork if they find the new upgrade incompatible with the old ductwork. They will install new ductwork carefully, either built-in or outfitted, depending on your home's structure and your preferences.

The technicians should strive to ensure the entire HVAC system is installed appropriately without making any mistakes and significant modifications. This guarantees durability and energy efficiency.

4. Follow-Up Services

After the installation process, the contractor will test the system with you to see if there are any issues. Be sure to secure your warranty papers both from the contractor and the HVAC manufacturer. Should you notice problems such as leaks or a spike in energy bills, call the technician for help right away.

The success of your HVAC installation project largely depends on the quality of expertise your contractor holds. Bearing in mind that this is a considerable investment, you should understand the unit you are purchasing. A reliable contractor should offer sound advice and install the system appropriately. For more information, contact an HVAC system installation company. 


2 April 2021

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