Why Heating Replacement Is Necessary, Even When Your Furnace Still Works


If you're wondering when to replace your furnace with a newer model, it may already be time. Even though furnaces can last longer than 15 years with proper maintenance, there are several reasons why you may want to replace your furnace, even if it's still running.

Higher Operating Costs with Older Models

One important thing to think about is how much it costs to operate your current furnace. Fuel efficiency is one of the biggest drivers of cost. If you heat your home with gas, the efficiency of your furnace will be measured by Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). An AFUE of 85% means that 85% of the fuel you use to heat your home is actually turned into heat. Because of improvements in technology, new furnaces can have much higher ratings than older models. This means that an older model will use a lot more fuel to achieve the same temperature, and your energy bill will be higher as a result.

Different Fuel Types

In addition to fuel efficiency, different models of a furnace may run on different types of fuel, such as oil, natural gas, or electricity. Fuel availability and pricing vary by region. If you have an old oil furnace when most of your area has converted to natural gas, you may be able to find natural gas is cheaper than what you can find for oil. In addition, while electricity is often the most expensive type of energy for heating, low electricity rates in your area could mean that switching to electric heat is the most cost-effective option for your home.

High Cost of Repairs

One of the main drawbacks to continuing to use older heating systems is that they may need more frequent repairs. It's not uncommon for a furnace to break down several times in its later years because of issues with the fan belt, electrical problems, or other smaller malfunctions. This is simply a matter of parts wearing out over time.

While you can usually fix a broken furnace, the repairs start to add up. It only takes a few big repairs to equal the cost of a new system. In addition, repairs might replace lost energy efficiency, but they can't add energy efficiency the unit never had. That tips the math even more in favor of a new furnace.

To learn more about when to replace your furnace, contact a local home heating replacement company today.


1 October 2021

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