Commercial Refrigeration Repairs That Can Help You Keep Your Business Running Smoothly


There are a lot of issues with commercial refrigeration systems that can cause problems for your business. These issues can start with efficiency or be more severe problems that cause you to lose inventory. The following commercial refrigeration repairs might be needed to help keep your business running smoothly:

Ice Maker Repair

One of the more common problems with commercial refrigerators is a malfunctioning ice maker. Repairing the ice maker is not always easy, but it's well within the capabilities of a professional commercial refrigeration service.

The repair of an ice maker can be broken down into two main areas: removing and replacing defective parts and checking and cleaning other parts. The first step in repairing an ice maker involves troubleshooting the product to isolate the problem. An experienced technician will use a variety of tools to diagnose the problem. This includes testing the water valve, water supply lines, and electrical connections. If all these tests don't diagnose the issue, the problem might be located in the ice maker's thermostat or timer. The technician will have to remove both components to check them for damage or wear.

Commercial Refrigeration Repair

When it comes to commercial refrigeration repair, there are a variety of things that can go wrong. Many operations rely on commercial refrigeration systems to keep their facilities running smoothly and to ensure food is kept fresh. Some problems with these systems can be identified pretty easily, while others might require professional assistance. Regardless of the problem, it's important that you have a plan in place to get repairs done quickly if your system fails.

A few common problems include:

  • Compressor failure – If your compressor is not working properly, you may notice that your system is not keeping as much cold air inside as it normally does. In extreme cases, this could cause the system to break down entirely.
  • Refrigerant leaks – Old systems or systems with faulty seals can cause refrigerant to leak out of the system. This could lead to the compressor failing and the loss of cold air in your building.
  • Condenser failure – The condenser is part of your outdoor unit, and it prevents heat from outside from entering the inside of your building. A bad condenser can cause your whole system to fail as well as allow moisture into the building and damage any products being stored there.

Troubleshooting problems like these can be easy with the help of a professional refrigeration repair service.

Issues with your refrigeration systems can cause problems for your business. Contact a commercial refrigeration repair service like North Texas Climate Control to get the help you need to keep your systems running.


4 January 2022

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