Does The House Get A Burning Odor When You Turn On The Heat? 4 Possible Reasons


You will need the furnace more often as the weather gets colder. However, when you turn on the unit and instantly detect a burning odor, you may have serious issues that require expert attention. The following are possible reasons for unpleasant odors in the home upon activation of the heating system.

The Burning Plastic Odor

You should follow your instincts whenever you smell plastic immediately after you turn on your heater. If there is a synthetic odor present, it is most likely plastic. In such a case, an item could be leaning against your heating unit. For example, a toy could have been left there by a youngster or a pet. On the other hand, it could be something made of plastic that has fallen inside. Whatever the situation, it's time to call the HVAC technician, as a burning plastic odor could also mean melting wires and does pose a fire hazard.

When the Electrical Wiring Is Faulty

You should know that a malfunctioning safety switch on the heater poses a fire risk. In this case, faulty wiring within the system could pose a significant safety hazard in your home. So, one of the primary reasons you must turn off your heating system if you smell something burning is to avoid potential injuries caused by this situation. In this case, it is best to seek help from a competent electrician or heating technician for timely repairs.

The Dust Collecting Inside the System Has Started Burning Off

For those who neglect annual furnace maintenance, firing up the unit for the year may reveal a layer of dust. Note that during routine maintenance, your HVAC specialist usually removes the dust buildup. However, if you never scheduled a tune-up before turning your unit on, the high temperatures could cause it to catch fire and damage the device. More importantly, note that it is okay to experience this smell, but only for the first few minutes after switching on the heater. However, turn off the heat if the burning happens longer than a few minutes. Then, schedule expert unit cleaning to solve the problem.

When You Haven't Changed Filters for a While

Filtering debris like dust and dog hair from entering the furnace is one of the functions of the filter. Given this, after a while, the component will fill up with all of these items. As a result, the dirty filter will prevent adequate airflow, which is detrimental to the furnace and can also catch fire. The good news is changing out the filter can quickly fix the issue.

These are solutions to the most noticeable burning odors inside your heating system. Consult a competent heating service expert to help you deal with persistent smells and help you avoid a fire disaster in the home. 

For more info about furnace repairs, contact a local company. 


4 January 2023

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