Do You Own Pets? These Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips Should Be Excellent For You


Millions of people know the joy of owning a pet. However, living in the same house with pets comes with its challenges. For example, furry animals shed a lot, which can get into the circulating air and create allergens. Fortunately, you can learn how to live with these animals without having to suffer compromised indoor air quality. Here are the top AC system maintenance tips if you share your home with pets. 

Fence Around the Outdoor Unit

You must ensure your outdoor AC unit is secure if your pets like to spend time in the backyard. Failure to do so will leave the system susceptible to fur and territorial urination from pets. As such, the most effective defense is a simple fence erected around the unit's perimeter. Further, dogs and cats, in particular, have a habit of rubbing against the condenser, which can introduce fur and dander into the system. Ultimately, this creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests and can cause your outdoor unit to become clogged with pet hair. The good news is a simple fence can help you avoid this problem.

Change the Filter More Frequently

If you have pets in the home, you should change the filters more frequently than the recommended timeline. This is because your filters may regularly build up excessive amounts of pet hair. Also, if your pet has a problem with excessive shedding, you should change the filter when the seasons change. In addition, you should change filters more often in the spring, when fluffy dogs are shedding their winter coats, than in the winter or summer, when it is less common. Note that you can estimate your dog's rate of shedding by keeping track of the amount of fur you remove from them during a single brushing session. Then, adjust the frequency of filter changes depending on the amount of hair.

Vacuum the House Often

Indoor air filters act as vacuum cleaners by sucking in debris like pet fur. That said, if you vacuum up as much pet hair as possible, you can extend the life of your filters. You can use the vacuum cleaner to remove all the hair that has fallen to the floor or upholstery. Ultimately, this lessens the amount of fur the filters process every month, increasing their efficiency.

These are effective tips for simplifying the load on your AC when you share a home with pets. With these air conditioning maintenance tips, you can avoid overloading your system with pet fur and related allergens.

Contact a local air conditioning maintenance service, such as Baton Rouge Air Conditioning & Heating, to learn more. 


17 January 2023

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