Your Home's Too Hot. What's Wrong With Your Furnace?


People often assume that if their furnace is broken, their home won't heat up or won't get warm enough. It can be confusing, then, to come home to a house that is far warmer than you intended it to be. Your first step should be to check the thermostat. It may have accidentally been set higher than you wanted. If the temperature in your home exceeds the setting on the thermostat, that is when you have a problem. Something is wrong with your furnace. Chances are, it has one of these problems, all of which can be repaired or addressed by an HVAC contractor.

A Clogged Filter

It may seem strange that a clogged filter would cause your home to get too hot, but consider that a clogged filter restricts airflow through the furnace. Air, therefore, spends longer in the furnace, which means it gets hotter than it should before being blown out into your home. Luckily, addressing a clogged filter is easy; you or your HVAC contractor can just pull it out and replace it with a new one. You should, however, have your HVAC contractor look over the furnace while they are there. Sometimes, running a furnace with a clogged filter can cause other problems, and it is important to identify and repair such issues promptly.

Faulty Wiring

Your thermostat is meant to "tell" your furnace when to turn off. If the thermostat is not wired to the furnace properly, it may not be sending that message when your home reaches the set temperature. A furnace repair person can check whether your furnace and thermostat are wired together properly. They can also look for issues such as mouse-chewed wiring. If needed, they can run new wires from your furnace to the thermostat, or they can replace the connectors on one or both ends of the wires. Your home should then maintain your chosen temperature.

Blocked Vents

Check whether your entire home is truly too hot, or whether it's just certain rooms. If it is just a few rooms, then there might be a blockage in the ducts. The blockage is keeping hot air from flowing into some rooms, but the warm air has to go somewhere -- so it is all flowing into one or a few rooms. Your furnace repair contractor can locate and remove the blockage, leading to more even heat distribution throughout the home.

If your home seems too hot, it's probably not your imagination. Call a heating repair contractor for more information.


10 April 2023

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