How To Fix A Central Air Conditioner That Isn't Blowing Air


If you turned down the thermostat today and noticed that your home's central air conditioner never came on, then there are a few things you can check yourself before you place a call to a professional HVAC repair technician. To this end, follow these steps to restore your home's air conditioning service:

Step 1: Replace the Batteries in Your Thermostat

Since your thermostat's job is to judge the ambient room temperature and turn your home's air conditioner on and off, it is vital that the thermostat is working properly. Even if the thermostat's digital screen is working, it may not have enough power to kick the air conditioner on. Rather than performing more advanced troubleshooting, first, simply replace the batteries in the thermostat. Once you have fresh batteries installed, then you can be assured that your thermostat isn't causing the problem. Sometimes this step is enough to restore your air conditioner to working order.

Step 2: Check the Main Power and Listen for a Humming Sound

If replacing the batteries in your thermostat did not fix the problem, then you need to check the electrical breaker to make sure that it has not been tripped. As long as the breaker is okay, take off the cover of your home's HVAC system or open the door to its closet. Turn the air conditioner to the "on" position on your thermostat and listen to the HVAC system to see if you hear any noises. If you hear a humming sound, then you know that the blower motor is trying to start but does not have enough power to do so. The humming problem can be resolved by having a licensed HVAC technician come out and replace the capacitor for the blower motor. This is a simple and inexpensive repair. 

Step 3: Call a Professional

If you do not hear a humming sound and yet your thermostat is working and the air conditioning unit has power, then it is very likely that a fuse has blown in the air conditioning unit or it has a problem with the condensate pump switch. While each of these problems are fairly simple repairs to make, they need to be done by a professional HVAC technician. You should never open your air conditioner's casing and should leave internal repairs to the professionals. This is very important because air conditioners have many internal parts and lengths of tubing that can be easily damaged if you are not experienced in working with them. For assistance, contact a company like Getzschman Heating, LLC.


11 October 2016

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