Critical Reasons Why An AC Motor May Act Up


The motor in an air conditioning system is designed to turn the fan so it can blow air in or out of the building. More importantly, since this is an integral component, it needs to function well for the air conditioner to cool the residence as needed. But like all other parts of the AC, the motor can start acting up when you least expect it. For instance, you may notice the airflow is weak, the fan is turning slowly, it doesn't quit when the AC is turned off, or the motor isn't running.

23 November 2022

3 Signs Your Central Air Conditioner Is Underperforming


HVAC efficiency should be a priority for homeowners who are looking to reduce their monthly energy costs. If your home struggles with uneven temperatures or doesn't stay cool at all, you may already suspect that your AC is underperforming. Unfortunately, energy inefficiency can be hard to detect in a central air conditioner. Your AC may be running poorly even if it seems to be keeping your home comfortable enough. Here are three signs your central air conditioner is underperforming.

31 October 2022

3 Signs That Indicate Your Residential AC Is In Need Of Repairs


While the need for residential AC repairs will be very obvious if your cooling system suddenly stops working, there are often far more subtle signs that can alert you to the need for repairs long before your system stops working altogether. Learning to spot these signs can help you avoid the inconvenience and discomfort that can come with a broken cooling system in the middle of the summer and can often help to keep your repair bills lower as well by allowing you to avoid the need for emergency repairs.

14 October 2022

Subtle Signs Your Air Conditioner Is Starting To Struggle


Air conditioners do not last forever. But the worst way to find that your air conditioner is on its way out is to wait for it to fail completely. Inevitably, this happens when it's really hot outside, leaving you to sweat away in a toasty, warm home. If you're keen and aware, you can take note when your AC is on its way out. Here are the key signs your AC unit is starting to struggle.

27 September 2022

Duct Cleaning May Include Vacuuming, Deodorizing, And Sanitizing To Eliminate Dust, Odors, And Mold


If you've lived in your home for years and you've never had your HVAC ducts cleaned out, it may be time to consider having it done. Dust accumulates in your ducts just like it does everywhere else in your home. In addition, your ducts might have mold, rodent urine and droppings, and insects inside them that contribute to your allergies and give your home a bad odor. Here's an overview of what to expect with duct cleaning.

7 September 2022

How Dangerous Is a Poorly Maintained Furnace?


You probably know the drill: you must maintain your home's HVAC system to keep it running efficiently. A poorly maintained system will use more energy to generate less heat, ultimately costing you extra money on your utility bills while making your home less comfortable. Unfortunately, these aren't the only consequences of ignoring your home's heating needs. If you use a natural gas furnace to heat your home, you're generating energy through a process of controlled combustion.

28 July 2022

Why Should You Purchase An AC Service Contract For Your New Home?


Purchasing a new home is, in many ways, like purchasing a new car, but on a much larger financial scale. Just as with a car, you need to consider the long-term costs of ownership and maintenance. While maintaining your home costs some money upfront, that maintenance pays off in the long run by helping you avoid unexpected expenses and costly repairs. Your home's HVAC system is particularly vulnerable to poor maintenance and neglect.

28 July 2022

4 Guiding Tips For Installing A New AC In Your Home


Investing in a new air conditioning system is worthwhile for many reasons. A new system conserves energy better and provides optimum cooling benefits. But although an AC is necessary for most households, getting a proper unit that fits your needs is vital. And since arriving at the ideal unit involves extensive consultation and research, it is best to engage an AC expert. They will guide you through the selection, purchase, and installation to avoid making errors that may compromise your aircon's performance.

11 July 2022

Top 3 Benefits Of Ditching Your Old Window Units And Installing A Central Air Conditioning System


Have you been considering saying goodbye to your old window air conditioners in favor of installing a central air conditioning system? If so, you should know that there are many benefits that come along with choosing to make this home improvement. Below you can learn more about three benefits you can expect to enjoy when ditching your old window units and installing a new central air conditioning system in your home.

17 June 2022

Examples of Times When Home Heating Systems Need More Frequent Maintenance


Many people call a heating professional to come out and perform maintenance on their heating system every year or so. Some people decide to do this either right before or at the start of winter. For many households, this is sufficient. However, some people do need to have their home heating systems maintained a little more often. If this is the case for you and your home heating system, then you should definitely start looking into a home heating maintenance service that you can count on to perform this maintenance when needed, such as a few times throughout the winter season.

26 May 2022