Swamp Cooler Vs. Central Air Conditioner: What To Know


Having a cool house is one thing, but understanding how it stays cold is another. If you are a new homeowner and you don't have a cooling system in your house, you may be wondering what you should do. Two popular options for you to choose from are either a swamp cooler or a central air conditioner. But what are the differences between these cooling units and what do you need to know about them? Are you ready to learn some more? If so, then this article is just the thing for you to read.

Swamp Cooler

Swamp coolers or evaporative coolers are usually designed to cool down smaller spaces.  swamp cooler uses moisture to cool air. Specifically, a swamp cooler is designed to take warm outside air, run it through wet evaporative cooler pads, and then push cold air through one large vent that's in a centralized location in your house. To help cool down the evaporative pads, the swamp cooler is connected to a hose which runs water into your swamp cooler to ensure that the water is always cold. Even though swamp coolers are really effective at cooling down smaller sized homes, they aren't very good at cooling down large homes.

Central Air Conditioners

A central air conditioner or an AC unit is one of the most effective ways to cool down both large and small sized homes. Rather than using cold water to cool down a home, AC units use electricity and fans to cool down warm air and push it through your air ducts. In fact, when you have an AC unit it is all part of your HVAC system which helps to both heat and cool your home. Another great thing about central air conditioning units is that you can regulate the temperatures from your thermostat. So, if you want it to be about ten degrees cooler, then you just turn your thermostat down and it will cool down.

Having a cool house is a luxury that not everybody has. If you are sick of living your summers drenched in sweat, then consider getting either a swamp cooler or a central air conditioner. To learn more about which type of unit is best for your space, contact an HVAC contractor near you and schedule an appointment with them. During your appointment with them, they will discuss all of your cooling options to help you choose one that's best for you.


20 February 2019

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