2 Central Air Conditioning Noises You Should Never Ignore


When you run your central air conditioner in the summertime, you are probably accustomed to hearing a low humming while the fan is blowing or the initial sounds of it starting up. Because of this, you have probably learned to tune these noises out. However, if you ever hear either of the sounds below coming from your AC unit, do not ignore them, as they could mean there is a serious problem.

1.  Screeching Sounds That Become Progressively Louder

The first sound that you should never ignore if your air conditioner starts making it is a loud screeching noise. This sound may start out low when the unit's compressor kicks on. However, after a few minutes, the screeching will become much louder, making it hard not to notice it.

If you hear this screeching noise, there is likely too much pressure building up within the coolant lines running through the compressor. As the pressure builds, the coolant tries to escape through any small openings it can find.

If you do hear this sound, turn off your air conditioner right away because the increased pressure could permanently damage the compressor, meaning you would have to replace it. Do not try to use the air conditioning again until you have an HVAC professional examine it.

2.  Grinding Noise as Soon as the Compressor Kicks On

Another sound that you should act on immediately instead of hoping it will go away on its own is a grinding noise that is heard as soon as the compressor kicks on. If you do hear a sound that resembles metal being ground against metal, turn off your AC unit right away, as that is exactly what is happening.

Especially if your unit is older or is used a lot, the compressor motor's bearings will wear out fairly quickly. When this happens, the motor is no longer able to work smoothly. Instead, the bearings will push together, creating the grinding noise. 

If you do not turn off your unit as soon as you hear this sound, the motor will most likely burn up completely. A professional will be needed so they can determine whether the bearings can be replaced or if the unit is in need of a new motor.

If you hear either one of the above noises coming from your central AC unit, it most likely indicates that there is a serious problem which requires professional attention. Contact a contractor who provides HVAC services to have them inspect your air conditioning unit and discuss your options for repairing any issues they find.


8 April 2019

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