Here's What Causing These Problems In Your Aging Air Ducts


Air ducts need more maintenance as they get older and can start to experience problems like decreasing efficiency and loosening components. If your ducts are damp, making too much noise, or aren't giving you warm or cool air, this is what could be causing these issues.

Moisture Coming From Registers

The insides of your ducts should stay mostly dry, so if you notice moisture coming from your registers, this could indicate a few problems. The first is that your ducts are getting too cold, causing moisture to build up on the inside. Making sure your ducts are properly insulated can sometimes solve this problem. Another possibility is that your condensate drain is clogged, and moisture that should be draining outside your house remains by your air conditioning unit instead, causing a buildup of moisture and potential water damage. While moisture isn't necessarily a sign of serious trouble, it's still a good idea to call for an inspection immediately just in case.

Rattling and Banging Sounds

Rattling and banging sounds usually result from ducts that are moving around more than they should. Many parts of your ducts are secured to the ceiling and walls to prevent them from moving too far when the air turns on, and if any parts of your ducts start to break free or if there are loose components, you'll start to hear rattling sounds as they move about or knock into each other.

These sounds could also be a sign that your dampers are set wrong. Usually, air pressure changes in your ducts when your HVAC system turns on and off don't cause too much noise, but incorrectly set dampers can cause a greater change in pressure, which makes your ducts make louder noises when your system turns on or off. Call a technician for an inspection to see if anything needs tightening or adjusting.

Air Doesn't Stay Warm or Cool

If your HVAC system cools and warms the air just fine, but the air that reaches your house isn't cool or warm enough, the problem often lies in your ducts, where a few different problems could be causing this.

The first is that there may simply be leaks or gaps, or that the airtight seals connecting some parts of the ducts are starting to dry up, crack, and fail. In these cases, provided there's no extensive damage, an HVAC technician can often patch up these gaps and make sure you aren't losing as much air. Gaps in ducts can lead to serious air loss, which you will notice in your home's temperature and in your energy bills.

Another possibility is that the insulation around your ducts is starting to fade or fall away. If this is the case, having the insulation replaced will noticeably improve the temperature of the air entering your home. To get help with your ducts, contact an HVAC service in your area.


5 November 2021

Inspecting Your Air Ducts

Last summer, I began to get extremely hot in my home. My air conditioning system couldn’t adequately keep my home cool anymore. Therefore, I contacted an experienced HVAC contractor. This individual visited my home and thoroughly inspected my unit. If your air conditioner isn’t working like it once did, your air ducts may be clogged up. Thankfully, an expert HVAC contractor can determine if faulty air ducts are the cause of the hot temperatures inside your home. On this blog, you will discover how an HVAC contractor can properly inspect your air ducts. Stay cool and comfortable during the hot summer months!