3 Common Furnace Repairs You Shouldn't Ignore


Furnaces are expected to last for decades before breaking down. However, this depends on how best you keep your system, and how often you get its components repaired. If you use your heating system frequently, the internal parts will likely wear out and become faulty. So, if you don't want to have a nightmare during winter, it's vital to look out for all the signs indicating your unit needs to be fixed and call a contractor to address them before their issues escalate. Keep reading to learn about some common furnace repairs that you shouldn't ignore.

Handler Repairs 

Your system requires a handler to circulate the heated air through your home's ducts. This component functions as a fan and controls your aircon and furnace's air movement. Unfortunately, its constant operation puts it at a higher risk of breaking down. If it becomes faulty, it won't circulate air through the registers even while your system is running. You may also notice some strange burning smells or hear unique sounds as it runs. An HVAC professional can inspect your handler and fix the damaged parts to restore functionality. They'll carefully appraise its components and lubricate all the moving parts to improve heating efficiency. 

Pilot Assembly Repairs

Furnaces depend on pilot lights to blaze burners and keep the system active. If this part gets damaged, your unit won't develop a flame and heat your house as required. You can know that your assembly has a problem if your furnace doesn't produce any heat while it's active. The light may have also gone out due to excessive buildup or thermocouple problems. A furnace contractor can diagnose your pilot and identify the source of the issues. If they find it clogged, they'll deep clean it with the right chemicals to keep the light glowing. They'll also replace your thermocouple to reduce gas flow hitches.

Damaged Heat Exchanger

This component is vital in a furnace because it separates the air from the flame and protects the stove from overheating the house. Unfortunately, the exchanger can crack if your air filter gets clogged, putting off the heat. It's vital to contact a contractor immediately after realizing your system isn't heating. They'll replace the heat exchanger to boost your system's efficiency, eliminating any strange smells and soot that may cause you to have respiratory issues. 

When it's cold outside, a heating system can keep your home cozy. To avoid any hitches or stress that come with furnace problems, contact an HVAC repair service such as Powder  River Heating &  Air Conditioning Inc to fix any damaged parts before the unit breaks down completely.   


3 May 2022

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