Why Should You Purchase An AC Service Contract For Your New Home?


Purchasing a new home is, in many ways, like purchasing a new car, but on a much larger financial scale. Just as with a car, you need to consider the long-term costs of ownership and maintenance. While maintaining your home costs some money upfront, that maintenance pays off in the long run by helping you avoid unexpected expenses and costly repairs.

Your home's HVAC system is particularly vulnerable to poor maintenance and neglect. While a well-maintained system might last surprisingly long with few repairs, a poorly maintained one can be a constant source of trouble. Service contracts are one option to help ensure that your home's air conditioning system doesn't fall victim to this fate.

How Do Service Contractors Work?

Every service contract is a little bit different, but most share a few similar qualities. Signing up for a contract with your local HVAC company means paying a subscription fee to receive routine yearly service appointments, usually at a discount compared to scheduling these appointments without a contract.

In many cases, HVAC companies also offer other benefits for homeowners signing up for these services. For example, you might receive priority if you need to make an emergency call or a discount on other maintenance or repair items. It's worthwhile to call around to a few local companies to compare and contrast the terms of their service contracts.

Why Are Service Contracts Useful for Your New Home?

There's never a bad time to sign up for a service contract, but getting started with one as soon as you move into a new home can come with a few added bonuses. Most importantly, you know you'll be getting off on the right foot with maintaining your new home's AC system. Service contracts typically include reminders for annual maintenance visits, so you won't have an excuse to forget.

You'll also allow your HVAC contractors to become familiar with your home and its air conditioning system. By having a technician come out to inspect and maintain your system from the beginning, they will be able to learn its ins and outs. If something does fail, you'll have a solid maintenance history that your HVAC company can use to track down the most likely culprit and perform a quick repair.

Remember that your AC system is only as good as its maintenance routine. Even if your home's previous owners neglected the system, starting a solid maintenance schedule now can help undo some of that damage and keep your system operating efficiently. By starting a contract as soon as you move in, you'll ensure that your air conditioning system receives the best care possible. 

For more information about residential air conditioning service contracts, contact a local company. 


28 July 2022

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