Critical Reasons Why An AC Motor May Act Up


The motor in an air conditioning system is designed to turn the fan so it can blow air in or out of the building. More importantly, since this is an integral component, it needs to function well for the air conditioner to cool the residence as needed. But like all other parts of the AC, the motor can start acting up when you least expect it. For instance, you may notice the airflow is weak, the fan is turning slowly, it doesn't quit when the AC is turned off, or the motor isn't running. Here are reasons why you may notice these signs. 

Air Filter is Blocked

The filter is one of the components you should check the minute you notice the AC isn't functional. Note that since it helps clean the conditioned air to improve quality, lots of contaminants and elements get trapped on the device. So, if not cleaned regularly, the dirt will clog, making it difficult for air to flow through. As a result, the motor may overheat, and the air conditioner will malfunction. So, if you haven't changed the filter for some time and the motor is acting up, the problem could result from obstructed airflow. As such, changing the filter will restore the functionality of the unit.

Clogged Fan Blades

If you change your filter regularly, but the AC is acting up, you should check on the fan blades. In this case, assessing the condenser unit can help you determine if there's a dirt build-up or obstruction that you can remove so the fan can run as expected. Elements like dust, stones, leaves, twigs, and so on can cause obstruction, making it difficult for the fans to blow air. If something is caught inside, get an AC service technician to remove it and fix noticeable damage. 

Electrical Issues

Sometimes the air conditioner motor will act up due to an electrical problem. So, if your unit is not cooling the house, check if it's powered. To do this, open the electrical panel to see if the breaker has tripped or if there's a wiring issue. If you don't see signs of a wiring problem, but the circuit breaker has tripped, you can turn it back on. That said, you should know you have a bigger electrical problem that needs expert help if it trips again. 

Thermostat Problems

The air conditioner will not cool your home if there's an issue with your thermostat. Maybe one of your loved ones turned it off or changed the settings. Also, the component can malfunction, meaning it won't coordinate with the motor to run efficiently to cool the house.

Note that an inspection by an AC contractor can determine why your air conditioner is faulty, enabling you to find a reliable solution. So, contact one as soon as you notice the AC isn't cooling the home.

Reach out to an HVAC contractor to learn more about AC services.


23 November 2022

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