Can You Get Air Conditioning If You Keep Your Boiler?


Boiler heating was very common a few decades ago. But if you live in a home with a boiler now, you may be tempted to have the boiler lines stripped out and replaced with ducts to coordinate with a forced-air furnace and air conditioner. This approach does work for some people, but it's a lot of work since extensive ductwork needs to be run through the walls. It's important to note that in most cases, you can keep your boiler heating and still have AC added to your home. Your HVAC contractor will just have to install one of these alternative, duct-free types of air conditioners.

Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners

There are two important things to know about this type of air conditioner, and they are both mentioned in its name. These air conditioners are ductless. Instead of blowing air through ducts, these AC systems blow air directly out of air handler units, which are located on your walls. These air conditioners are also split. In other words, there are two units associated with the system. The first is a compressor, which looks like any other compressor and sits on the ground outside. The second is the air handler, which is mounted through the walls. The compressor cools the air, and the air handler blows it into your home.

Ductless mini split AC units are really energy-efficient and run on electricity only. They also give you lots of control over your home temperature. You can have multiple air handlers installed and operate them independently. For example, you can turn one on and cool the downstairs, but leave the upstairs air handler off and avoid cooling that space when it's unused.

High-Velocity Air Conditioners

High-velocity air conditioners basically push cooled air through tiny, flexible tubes. These tubes can be run behind your walls, under your floors, and even over ceilings. They can be fed through tiny holes, so they don't require major remodeling like installing ducts would.

High-velocity air conditioners have an outdoor compressor unit, which sits outside, plus a fan that is located in your basement. They are not quite as efficient as ductless mini-split AC units, but they are electric-only and tend to experience less air loss than ducted AC systems.

You don't have to strip out your boiler heating to get air conditioning. Talk to an HVAC contractor in your area to learn more about these AC services.


15 June 2023

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