Why Your Air Conditioner's Coils May Freeze


Your AC will not be able to cool your house effectively if its coils freeze. Frozen coils also increase the risk of AC damage. Knowing why the coils might freeze may help you avoid the issue. Below are some of the reasons AC coils sometimes freeze. Clogged Filters Good airflow is central to efficient AC operations. The cool air needs to move throughout the house, and the warm air needs to move to the AC for cooling.

12 July 2019

Summer Is Here: Is Your Commercial Building Comfortable?


Summer has started off really hot and uncomfortable in the South, and unseasonably cool in the Northeast and Midwest. Still, the hot weather for everyone is on the way (if it is not here already!). Regardless of where your office building is located, is it ready to withstand the unbearable heat of the summer season? Commercial HVAC preventive maintenance services can help in all of the following ways.  Check Your Ventilation System and Clean It

24 June 2019

How To Know You Need A New Air Conditioner


With summer just around the corner, your mind may be fixed on all of the things you need to do to prepare your home. From roofing inspections to getting your basement ready for potential tornado warnings, there is much to do and little time to do it in. However, one of the tasks you should not neglect has to do with your air conditioning system. Every summer you rely heavily on your air conditioner to keep your home comfortable and cool.

15 May 2019

2 Central Air Conditioning Noises You Should Never Ignore


When you run your central air conditioner in the summertime, you are probably accustomed to hearing a low humming while the fan is blowing or the initial sounds of it starting up. Because of this, you have probably learned to tune these noises out. However, if you ever hear either of the sounds below coming from your AC unit, do not ignore them, as they could mean there is a serious problem.

8 April 2019

Swamp Cooler Vs. Central Air Conditioner: What To Know


Having a cool house is one thing, but understanding how it stays cold is another. If you are a new homeowner and you don't have a cooling system in your house, you may be wondering what you should do. Two popular options for you to choose from are either a swamp cooler or a central air conditioner. But what are the differences between these cooling units and what do you need to know about them?

20 February 2019

Are You In Need Of Professional Heating Repairs?


Depending on what part of the country you live in, summer may get more attention than winter or vice versa. Whatever the case may be, it is important that you give both parts of your HVAC system equal attention when it comes to maintenance. Otherwise, you may find yourself wishing you had in the middle of wintertime when your heating system decides to stop working on you. Aside from scheduling a tune-up and regular maintenance, you need to be familiar with red flags that pop up when your heating system is starting to give you trouble.

5 December 2018

Why Use A Heat Pump For A Multi-Unit Building


Do you have a building that has multiple families living in it, or even renting out a part of your home? If so, you may be looking at an HVAC system that allows everyone to have control over the temperature of their rooms. This can be impossible with forced air systems that use shared ductwork, which leaves you searching for an alternative. Here is why you should consider a heat pump for your HVAC needs in this situation.

5 December 2018

4 HVAC Upgrades That Will Make Your Home Comfortable And More Energy-Efficient


Upgrading your AC is something that you are eventually going to consider as your system becomes old and outdated. Today, there are many options for modern, energy-efficient AC solutions to keep your home temperature comfortable. You may want to consider options for thermal energy for heating your home or compact ducts that save space and energy. Here are some HVAC upgrade options to make your home comfortable and more energy-efficient:

25 October 2018

Three Reasons Your Air Conditioner Starts Then Immediately Shuts Off


When your air conditioner starts turning itself off immediately after it switches on, it's time to do some diagnostics before using it again. A problem like this can sometimes signify a problem that may be exacerbated with continued use. Here are three reasons your air conditioner may be partly malfunctioning. Bad Capacitor or Fuses Electrical components are crucial to your HVAC system, so if one of them starts to go bad, it could cause your entire system to malfunction.

24 September 2018

Fall Back With These Furnace Preparation Tips


Summer's not over yet, but now is a good time to get your furnace in shape. After all, a little preparation can go a long way towards keeping your home comfortable as temperatures drop. Here are a few steps you can take to prepare your furnace for fall and winter duty this year. Clean Your Furnace From Top to Bottom Your furnace becomes a haven for dust and debris as it sits dormant throughout the summer.

22 August 2018