Why Your AC Maybe Leaking Water


A typical air conditioner (AC) produces considerable condensation when running, but this isn't normally a problem because the water is collected and drained off in a safe manner. It's only when a malfunction occurs that the condensation starts to leak and becomes an issue. Here are some of the possible causes of AC water leaks: The Drain Line Is Blocked or Disconnected The drain line channels condensation inside the air handler to the outside.

8 February 2018

Ready For The Cold Weather To End? How To Make Sure Your AC Is Ready For The Return Of Summer


The weather might be cold now, but it's going to start warming up pretty soon. That means you need to make sure that your air conditioner is operational. Even a minor maintenance problem can put your air conditioner out of commission for a while. Unfortunately, during the summer, even a few hours without your air conditioner can be too long, especially if you don't have any other way to keep cool.

26 December 2017

Tired Of Uneven Heat And Dusty Air? What To Do


If the heat in your home is uneven throughout the house, and if you have air that is dry and dusty, don't deal with it all winter or all year. Instead, talk with a heating and cooling professional to see what you can do to have the furnace fixed, to have the air evenly distributed throughout the house, and to fix the air quality. Here are some of the things that you want to have the HVAC repair professional address while they are at your house and ready to work on your furnace.

8 November 2017

How To Deal With A Home Oil Heater


If you have recently moved into a house with a heating system that relies on home heating oil rather than a furnace that is electric or natural gas-fueled, you may wonder what you can and should do to maintain and deal with your home oil heater. Using a home oil heater is in some ways very different from other home heating systems, and it is important that you get to know these differences so that you can properly use and maintain your oil heater.

27 February 2017

Finding The Source Of Your Electric Baseboard Heating System's Low- Or No-Heat Condition


If you have electric baseboard heating in your home, and you recently noticed your units are not emitting as much warm air as they have in the past, you will most likely want to find a remedy in repairing them quickly. There are several reasons why electric baseboard heating units may not effectively be dispersing air at the temperature you desire. Here are some spots to check on to see if you can get the heat back to an acceptable level on your own.

17 January 2017

3 Simple Things You Can Do To Protect Your Heater


Most homes have a heating system in them. This is by far the most effective way to keep a home safe and warm during the cold months. However, not all homeowners know what they should do to keep their heating system working well. If you can maintain the system properly you can avoid expensive heating repairs. Here are some things that you can do to keep your heater working well.

31 December 2016

Need A New Thermostat? Two Things You Need To Know


If you want to get a new thermostat and control unit for the heating and cooling system in your home, you want to find an HVAC contractor to see what units are compatible with your system. Changing the thermostat in your home can make controlling the temperature in your home a lot easier, and it can help you save money. You can get a new system with a touch screen and LED lighting, even if your heating and cooling system is a little older.

7 December 2016