The Various Reasons Your Residential Air Conditioning System May Blow Warm Air


Having a correctly sized and well-maintained air conditioning system in your home is essential for beating the scorching heat of the summer months. Unfortunately, you may face problems with your AC system, even if you take good care of it. One of the most dreadful problems you may experience is your air conditioner blowing lukewarm air. Keep reading to familiarize yourself with a few common culprits behind this issue. Wrong/Hotter Temperature Setting

4 May 2021

4 Reasons The Refrigerant In Your AC Might Leak Out, And The Repairs That Help


Your air conditioner might operate for years and never have a refrigerant leak. However, leaks are always possible, and the risk increases the older your equipment gets. Here's a look at four causes of refrigerant leaks and the repairs that might be needed. 1. Leaks Due To Age And Wear The refrigerant in your AC flows through lines that connect two sets of coils. One of the coils is outside in the condenser, and the other is indoors.

16 April 2021

Installing A New HVAC System? 4 Things To Expect During The Project


The decision to replace or install a new HVAC system isn't an overnight thought. The HVAC probably one of the most significant investments that enhance thermal comfort in your home. If this is your first time purchasing the system, you might feel like you are in unfamiliar territory. It is quite normal to feel unsure and skeptical about the entire process. For this reason, you must understand the very basics of the HVAC installation process.

2 April 2021

Servicing The Condensation System Is An Important Part Of Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance


Your air conditioner must have regular maintenance so it works optimally and so you can prevent breakdowns in the summer. There are many components that need to be serviced by a professional, including the condensation system. Here is why it's important to maintain the condensation system in your AC and how the maintenance is done. Why This Air Conditioning Maintenance Is Important Your air conditioner pulls humidity out of the air in your home through condensation.

18 February 2021

Air Conditioner System Getting Old? 3 Signs It Needs To Be Repaired


If your air conditioner system is getting older, you need to start watching out for problems. Knowing problems early will result in you getting them repaired quickly so you won't have to replace your system. Below are three signs that your air conditioner needs to be repaired by a professional. Smelly Odors If you smell an odor inside your home when your air conditioner is running, this is a sign it needs to be repaired.

22 January 2021

Winter Furnace Maintenance You Should Be Performing


Just because you're in the middle of using your furnace this winter doesn't mean you shouldn't still be doing some maintenance work on it too. Your furnace is going to need maintenance throughout the year, and while you're actually using it is the most important time to be doing this maintenance. If you aren't able to do this maintenance work on your furnace, you should hire a professional to help you do this work for you.

19 January 2021

Signs Your Air Conditioner Could Have An Electrical Problem And The Parts That Could Be To Blame


If your air conditioner turns off due to a tripped circuit breaker, your immediate response is likely to flip the breaker back on. If the breaker trips again right away, you may wonder what to do. It's best to leave the breaker off if it keeps tripping because there could be an electrical problem somewhere. Here's when to suspect your AC has a problem with the electrical system and what a repair technician might do to help.

17 December 2020