Air Duct Replacement: Do You Need It?


The air ducts of your home play a significant role in keeping your indoor air clean and comfortable. These ducts are responsible for carrying the air from your HVAC system to different areas of your house. With continued use, the ducts get dirty, and after a while, they need repair or replacement. As a homeowner, you might not be aware of when to replace your air ducts. This blog will cover everything you need to know about air duct replacement and what signs indicate that it is time to replace your ducts.

11 December 2023

Five Signs You Need a New HVAC Unit


As a homeowner, it can be easy to take your air conditioning and heating for granted. After all, these units frequently run throughout the year without you having to think much about their overall condition. But what happens when your HVAC unit starts to fail? How can you tell if it's time for a replacement? From frequent repairs to spotty performance, these warning signals are essential to be aware of if you want to stay comfortable in your home.

27 November 2023

Maximize Your Energy Savings: The Benefits of Home Energy Efficiency Audits


As a homeowner, you're probably always on the lookout for ways to cut costs and save money. One area that's often overlooked when it comes to saving money is energy efficiency. Implementing energy-efficient practices in your home can lead to significant savings over time, but where do you start? That's where a home energy efficiency audit comes in. What Is a Home Energy Efficiency Audit? An often underestimated measure to consider is scheduling a home energy efficiency audit.

30 October 2023

The Importance of Getting Your AC Repaired Before Winter Arrives


With the cold winter months just around the corner, it's important to start thinking about the health of your air conditioning unit. Many people make the mistake of neglecting their AC once the hot summer months are over, but this can lead to a variety of problems when you need to turn it back on again in the spring. Explore the importance of getting your AC repaired before winter arrives and how doing so can save you money and hassle in the long run.

9 October 2023

Frozen Evaporator Coil: Causes And Steps To Thaw And Repair


One of the more unexpected problems a homeowner can face with their HVAC system is discovering their evaporator coil has frozen. This key component, responsible for absorbing heat from the air, can sometimes become encased in ice, leading to inefficiencies and potential long-term damage. Understanding why this happens and knowing the steps to address the issue can save you discomfort, money, and time. Why Does the Evaporator Coil Freeze? There are a few common reasons why an evaporator coil might freeze.

12 September 2023

How The Installation Of A Central AC Unit Can Benefit You


More and more people are starting to want central air conditioning units for their homes and for some very excellent reasons. If you have been stuck trying to cool off your entire home through the use of several window air conditioners, you might want to start thinking about making the switch to a central AC system. To help you better understand why this would be a good choice for you, you will want to check out the following: 

17 August 2023

"Extra" Work Involved With Replacing Some Older Furnaces


The older your furnace is, the more likely it is that it needs to be replaced. Older furnaces often keep puttering away for a long time, but they do lose efficiency as they age. Plus, homeowners don't often enjoy living on the edge, knowing that their old furnace is more likely to break down and require repairs at any time. For the most part, having your old furnace replaced is pretty simple.

24 July 2023

Residential Furnace Installation — Helpful Tactics For Homeowners


You might have to replace the furnace in your home after a while. The current model may no longer provide adequate heat. In that case, ensure you're ready for new furnace installation by looking at the following recommendations.  Have Air Ducts Cleaned Before Installation If you have dirty air ducts, clean them before you set up a new furnace. You wouldn't want your new heating system blowing dirt and debris into your home because that's a recipe for disaster, especially if anyone in your family suffers from allergies.

28 June 2023

Can You Get Air Conditioning If You Keep Your Boiler?


Boiler heating was very common a few decades ago. But if you live in a home with a boiler now, you may be tempted to have the boiler lines stripped out and replaced with ducts to coordinate with a forced-air furnace and air conditioner. This approach does work for some people, but it's a lot of work since extensive ductwork needs to be run through the walls. It's important to note that in most cases, you can keep your boiler heating and still have AC added to your home.

15 June 2023

The Importance Of AC Maintenance: Tips For Keeping Your System Running Smoothly


Like any other appliance, AC units require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance, energy efficiency, and longevity. Neglecting routine maintenance can lead to costly repairs, higher energy bills, and reduced comfort. This blog highlights the importance of AC maintenance and offers practical tips for keeping your system in top shape. Benefits of Regular AC Maintenance Routine AC maintenance provides numerous benefits, including: Improved Performance — A well-maintained AC unit operates more efficiently, providing consistent cooling and enhanced comfort.

17 May 2023